The Russell Christie house was built in 1860 by a Scottish settler named John Russell, who arrived in Canada in 1842. Russell was one of a dozen settlers who came to Canada in 1842. The area upon which they settled became known as the ‘Scotch Block’.

The house was built with Neo-Classical and Georgian features, and is located at 1541 Fiddler’s Green Road in Ancaster, Ontario.

Between 1860 and 1984, there were only two owners. In 1934 the house was sold to Reginald A. Christie who lived in the house until his death in 1984.

At the time of my visit the land was being used only for a sod farm. There’s very little left inside the house other than old CD’s, remote controls, school papers, a photo album and several envelopes of birthday cards from the early 2000’s. The name on the envelops reads “Alexia” but I couldn’t find even any results for her on the internet. The real gem of course is the Pontiac GTO which was left out in the barn. The licence plate showed 1973 but I don’t know the date of the car itself. There is also an antique sleigh in the barn.

The property was put up for sale at a price of approximately $2,000,000 which included the driving range next door.

The house was destroyed by fire around March 2017 and the car disappeared about the same time. There is very little left to this day. A company has proposed using the land for solar energy and repairing the house.

Note: The car was rescued from the barn and restored.