The story of this house goes back to 1964 when it was first built. The original owner was a man named Kerry Hill. Kerry graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School and spent his career as a patent attorney. Kerry was also a stone mason, which means that he could have certainly have built the home himself. In 1993 his wife Jennie was added to the house’s title.

In 2013 the property was sold for $1,340,625. It was then resold in 2015 for $1.6 million. What the status of the house was from 2015 until 2022 is not clear. In 2022 the property was purchased for $2.2 million by a numbered company.

There was a committee meeting held in 2020 regarding the property. This was likely for permission to demolish the structure. The house interior doesn’t look at all like a home, but more like an office space. Given the abundance of cobwebs in the basement, I’m thinking that the houses’s final years were strictly as an upstairs business office.