I’d been doing some research on abandoned properties and happened across an address for a vacant house in the Toronto area. I added the house to our exploration itinerary but what I didn’t realize was that right around the corner from it, were three large vacant properties. To find one of these luxurious properties is a great addition to your photography day, but three in a row is unheard of.

It would take a return visit to explore the three large homes that we missed that day… or try to.

As it would turn out, after we exiting the first house, we found the CEO of the development company was on the property. The man explained that due to liability reasons, we couldn’t explore inside the houses. He said that he’d wait though for us to take exterior photos.

For this reason, only one house is documented. When we returned, we’d found that the man had locked all three of the houses. To make matters worse, one of the people in my group had forgotten his camera lenses inside the now locked house.

The area is going to become close to 80 townhouses. The developer says the houses will be renovated. As for the lenses, the explorer had written them off. I contacted the developer and after some back and forth communication, they were returned to the explorer.

Edit: We managed to tackle the two outstanding houses on a return visit in 2023.

House #2