To get inside this youth correctional facility, you had to be buzzed in the main door and wait for it to close before a second door would open.

The facility stopped taking in youths in 2018 due to a decrease in the number of youths being sentenced to secure custody. The facility remained open for over a year with zero youths, paid for by the province until the facility announced they were closing for good.

The youths weren’t actually locked inside the cells, they were able to come and go as they wanted. The doors were locked on the outside so that no other youths could enter someone’s cell.

As you’ll notice in the first photo, there was a van on site when I returned for exterior photos. I decided to speak to the employees who were doing HVAC repairs. Over the weekend someone broke in and stole some copper and the company was there to ensure that there was no damage.

The one employee mentioned that he also works at the St. Thomas Psych doing maintenance. He added that after this B&E, they would be securing all the ground floor windows. The building has been sold.