Time Capsule House of Antique Dolls in Ontario

This property is located along a back road. The house is very much a time capsule house, in that everything is left as it would have been when someone was living there. There’s some water damage to the roof and some items have been tossed about but the damage is minimal.

The power still works, which is always puzzling as someone presumably pays the bill. The kitchen still has canned goods and the fridge, although emitting a horrendous foul odor has what looks like fresh meat inside. The living room has items tossed about but the cabinets are where the real gems are – old nick knacks and dolls.

The bedroom is pretty dark so I wasn’t able to explore much of it and the light didn’t come on. There are lots of books though. This was the home of Don and Patricia Calder. Pat passed away sometime in 2017. Her ashes can be found in the house.

The back room looks like it was a home office.

There are old collectible clocks and in the basement is a large grandfather Lego-style clock. There’s also a grandfather clock by the front entrance.


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  1. I’m really into exploring and this one catches my eye I always want to find somewhere that isn’t trashed is it possible to tell me where this is

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