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The Spence Farm (Chatham-Kent)

Abandoned Spence Farm Ontario

This property belonged to Mr. Spence. Mr. Spence didn’t have a formal education but his working experience in raising swine and cattle made him a leader in the farming community.Mr. Spence took part in Junior Farming judging competitions at the Canadian National Exhibition and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. In 1928 he won the Top…

1968 Country Time Capsule House

time capsule house in ontario

This house is one of the top abandoned locations I ever had the privilege of exploring in Ontario. The house was located in Dresden, Ontario along a main road. The land is used for farming and the house could be easily mistaken for being lived in. It was purchased by John and Katerina Drlicka in…

Lover’s Getaway (Sexy Retreat)

lovers retreat

The way into this property is overgrown, so much so that it’s not likely many people would stop to investigate what lies beyond the entrance. For those who do venture down the path, a treasure awaits. This is the Lover’s Getaway. The details behind the property are somewhat unclear at this point and probably will…

Messy Yard Time Capsule House

Messy Yard Time Capsule in Ontario

This isn’t quite a time capsule house but it does have most of the possessions left inside it, in a messy state. The living room has several boxes of personal items such as school notebooks and birthday cards (one including a $1 bill). The kitchen contains lots of dishes scattered about. There are clothes hanging…

Herald’s Hideaway Time Capsule

Herald’s Hideaway Time Capsule

This large property is hidden away behind the tree line of the road it’s situated on. It has two large barns, , three workshops, two greenhouses, a boat, and an old Volkswagen. Jonas Ulpmann was born in Estonia, Europe on May 21, 1906. Jonas never married or had children, but he did have 9 siblings….

House of Stuffed Animals

Time Capsule Abandoned House of Stuffed Animals

Along a quiet rural road this house sits in silence. The occasional car is about the only sound you’ll hear. There are signs of water damage inside the house. There’s a certain absence, something’s missing, that would make this house have a lived in look to it. I can’t quite place it. The children’s bedroom…

The Kirk Christmas Time Capsule House

This is the story of Eileen Kirk. Eileen’s house was an amazing time capsule in Gravenhurst, Ontario. It wasn’t a house where time had stopped ticking during the 1970’s or 80’s but rather the 1990’s. Regardless, this house was perfectly preserved when we photographed it in the summer of 2015.In term of abandoned houses, the…

Abandoned Ontario Clock Maker Time Capsule House

Clock Maker Time Capsule House

While there are no exteriors of the house I’ll be showing you, it’s evident that the house dates back to at least the 1970’s. The retro deck at the rear of the property is quite rotten. There are several holes in the deck so you have to be cautious walking on it. I cautiously navigated…

Abandoned Star Wars Collectible Mansion in Ontario

Abandoned Star Wars Mansion

This mansion is referred to as the Star Wars Collectible Mansion with good reason. There are thousands of dollars in Star Wars merchandise to be found inside. This home was built in 2000 for a Chinese man. He was married with a wife and had three children. The man worked as an architect for the…

Piano Teacher Time Capsule House in Ontario

sketchinthePianoTeacher'sHouse Abandonedontariotimecapsule

The Piano Teacher Time Capsule is an abandoned house in Ontario once lived in by two musicians from Estonia. The house has remained undisturbed for many years and only recently could it be explored. This was the home of Klaudia Voiko and Tatjana Jakobson (Talvi Jaldre) . Voika was born May 31, 1909 in Valga, Estonia….