Planet Night Club was located at 10 Windward Drive, between two large hotels in the town of Grimsby. It would have been a night club for local residents and hotel guests, except that it never opened it’s doors. The rumour is that the owner ran out of funds for the property.

When I explored, it was evident that construction had stopped midway. Electrical outlets had exposed wiring, heating ducts were hanging from the ceiling and worker’s tools were left behind including scissor lift and a ladder.

The club was elegant with a 60 foot granite counter top and marble tiled walls and patterned floors. During my visit I thought I heard someone inside the building but it was the sounds of a trapped pigeon. He panicked upon seeing me and flew downstairs into the washroom where I never saw him again. I would have tried to help him escape.

Down in the basement I discovered an unfinished banquet area with what appeared to be black mold on the far wall. Minimal amounts of graffiti on the wall told me that I’d not been the only curious visitor here and thankfully there was no other damage to the property.

Several of the windows had been broken before my visit. I also found a large screen television outside on a pile of garbage. I took it home and found a power cord suitable for it. You could imagine my surprise when I powered it up and saw the logo appear. Unfortunately the power supply was shot and I decided not to invest in a new one.

The realtor’s sign indicated that the property had been sold (asking price $2.7 million), but the property never opened and was later demolished.

Photos from August 2014.