This southern Ontario property in Burlington was listed at over $6 million dollars. The property value is in striking contrast to the condition of the house, until you notice the surrounding luxury homes located in a prime area. The house seems out of place, given it’s lack of renovations and original architecture. I’d estimate that it was built sometime in the 1960’s.

The house features a small kitchen area, stone fireplace (on both sides of the wall), an impressive view looking out onto the lake, an intercom system and a built in wall record player and cassette deck. These electronics seem to be quite common in older homes.

There’s significant water damage in the ceiling of the main room, and a bucket has been put down to collect water. It seems almost a fools task, given the extent of the damage to the house.

In the basement there’s not much of interest… a walk out patio door, old black and white television set and the skeleton of an old tube radio. Movie posters on the ceiling date back to the 1980’s.

While the property is for sale, clearly it would be for land purchase with demolition to the house itself.

A chain link fence has been constructed along the front yard to keep people out, which seems nonsensical because you can walk around the side of the fence.

Thank you to Sarah for sharing this one. 🙂