This was the home of Donald D. Dunning and his wife Elizabeth. The couple were married in 1951 and resided in Niles, Michigan. Donald was later transferred to Toronto where he was the president of the Kawneer Company. They lived in Toronto for 10 years. The couple had two daughters and one son. A daughter named Ann who attended the Wayland Academy in Wisconsin (1961). They were residing in the Toronto home in 1961 according to my research. In 1972 they moved to California.

Records show that in 1965 a man named Jack C. moved into the home. Jack passed away in 2019. He may have been the owner at that time, the same year when the house was sold. The house was then leased out until June of 2020. It was listed on the market and sold in 2022.

The property is valued at approximately $5 million.

Based on the interior design, I’m thinking that the house hasn’t been updated since it’s construction in the early 1960’s.

The rear of the house features a ceiling to floor window sun room. Perhaps this is where Jack grew his tomatoes. Jack was a serious tomato grower and gave seminars on growing. The front of the house also features ceiling to floor windows. The ceiling contains an unusual design by today’s standards with full length wooden slots.