Lookout Inn in Callander, Ontario (North Bay)

Lookout Inn in Callander, Ontario (North Bay)

The Lookout Inn is located just south of North Bay. It used to be a hotel with a dining area and patio overlooking Lake Nipissing. The business closed in the 1990s.

The hotel was supposed to be revived in 2005 but plans fell through. The two buildings became a popular destination for vandals over the next decade. In 2015

I could find very little information about the hotel itself except that new owners took over in 2016. They repaired one of the buildings and opened Terrace Suites Resort. There’s a golf course on the property which sits between the old and new buildings. It had become overgrown and required maintenance to be reopened along with Terrace Suites.

The new owners might repair the old Lookout Inn depending on the outcome of a structural survey. At this point I’d think it would be a write off.

Perhaps you can fill in some of the missing blanks?


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  1. We stayed there on our honeymoon in 1969. What a shame. So needless.
    My husband is from Northern Ontario and so much has changed. Very sad.

    1. That’s amazing! Would you happen to have any photos of that time that you would like to share? Would love to see what it looked like then!

  2. My husband and I also spent our wedding night there in 1979. Much construction on the Hwy in front of it but the Lookout retains Picnic tables and lovely views of Lake Nipissing especially with the fall colours now. So nice to see a taste of home.

    1. That’s amazing! Would you happen to have any photos of that time that you would like to share? Would love to see what it looked like then!

  3. Where did you find the information about the new owners and everything? I’m trying to find any and all info I can about this place, as I am making a documentary for a school project. Any help from anyone would be much appreciated. Please contact me with my email if you would like!

  4. I spent 3 summers up there back in 69.70,71. There were some small cottages and a dock. on the ritght hand side there was an old stone cottage. It was on a windy rock point. The bay itself led to the larger lake. There was also a store that sold magazines, comics and some bait and tackle. I know what i am describing could be anywhere. I just think its such a small place somebody over 60 might be able to give me some clues. thanks for trying,

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