Martin’s Bowling Alley is located in the city of Hamilton. This style of bowling alley has been obsolete for many years. The location was in operation for over fifty years. It consisted of 12 lanes with manual scoring (pencil and paper). There were six lanes on two different levels of the building. 

The benches were hand carved. Some of the signage dates back to the 1950’s. 

The business was popular for weekend birthday parties, bachelor parties and bridal showers. It served as a social hub for seniors, many of whom had been in the same bowling league for years. 

Martin's Bowling Alley in Hamilton


A pair of bowling shoes and bowling ball - Martin's Bowling Hamilton
Bowling shoes and bowling ball


scores on a chalk board - Martin's Bowling
No computer scoring here. League scores are kept on the chalk board. 


bowling lanes - Martin's Bowling Alley in Hamilton
Bowling lanes


The age of this bowling alley is quite visible. Martin's Bowling alley
The age of this bowling alley is quite visible

The bowling alley served Labatt’s 50, a non-common brand of beer for any licensed establishment.  Jimmy was the name of the owner and had been so for over thirty years.

 The owner was offered a substantial amount of money to vacate the building. It won’t be new housing that will take the building’s place, but light rail transit.

Martin's Bowling Alley


5 pin lane - Martin's Bowling Alley
The aging pins have taken several hits.

The bowling alley sits vacant with all of the equipment left behind. Several pairs of bowling shoes collect dust waiting for the day they may be worn once again.