Maple Lodge Ghost Town (S.S. #3)

The one room school house known as S.S. #3 Maple Lodge is one of the last buildings of the old town of Maple Lodge. The post office was located north on Niel Road.

The school was built in 1900 and closed in 1956. This school was built in 1900 and closed in 1956. The building was also used as a woodwork shop but due to break-ins at the remote location, that business ceased.

A church was located at the other end of the adjacent corn field which was relocated from the south during the 1800’s.

The outline of the old Grand Trunk Rail Line can be seen by satellite view just north at a northeast angle from the town of Ailsa Craig.

Today the school house is demolished, leaving only memories in it’s remains.

GPS: 43.16224,-81.46908

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