This house was built by a family who moved to the area shortly after the American Revolution (they were United empire loyalists from New York State). The back part where the kitchen is was the first part built and the front Georgian style section a couple decades later. The land was taken from a small Native tribe who were forced into labour by the original home builders, as there was a brick factory behind the house (the house was made entirely out of bricks built on the property and we used to find arrowheads all over the back yard. The two little sheds in the field beside the house were where some of the workers lived).

It was last lived in by my grandmother, Joan B. while her mother, Kathleen Hannagan-B. was in the hospital where she eventually passed away in 2010. When my great grandmother passed away, her will was altered by my great uncle who is a lawyer, and instead of the house going to my grandmother it went to her sister who has since emptied and left it.

In the late 70’s that a man who used to keep some old cars on the house’s property was found deceased in the old shack in the field. The family let him use the shacks to store his car parts and he would fix them up out there but apparently one day they saw him arrive and when he didn’t leave for home. After a while they got curious and found him sat in his chair in the shack. The causes were natural as he was very elderly.

This house is remarkable for it’s use of wood paneled doors and wide door trim. The owners live about an hour away so your only concern would be passers by and the people who tend to the property. I don’t want to see this house become stripped, it’s lasted several years possibly due to it’s isolation and “lived in” look.