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Koffler Scientic Reserve Abandoned Mansion in the Forest (King City)

Koffler mansion hidden in the woods

This was the home of Major General Clarence Churchill Mann. Mann purchased 16 farms in an area of Ontario known today as Joker’s Hill. Mann was a World War II soldier who had taken part in the Dieppe raid and invasion of Normandy. He along with his wife consolidated the land into a horse farm…

Hot Tub Time Machine House

car garage house

Technology is making it easier to find abandoned properties. With Google Satellite view for example, one can scout out remote buildings, overgrown yards and derelict vehicles. This house is an example of how technology can be used to seek out new places. It stands out from its neighbours with a slightly dirtier driveway and an…

London, Ontario Isolated Farm House

Exploring London Ontario Rural Farm House

This house was originally hidden in a forested area of a large city. I spoke to the real estate company who was developing the area and they confirmed that the property wouldn’t be demolished. Furthermore the realtor granted us permission to explore the property and to take photographs. Some of you might feel this isn’t…

Beautiful Country Living House

Country Living House

This house was built by a family who moved to the area shortly after the American Revolution (they were United empire loyalists from New York State). The back part where the kitchen is was the first part built and the front Georgian style section a couple decades later. The land was taken from a small…

Splendida Dimora Mansion

splendida dimora

At the time of my visit to this beautiful mansion in the Caledon area, this house was vacant. The start of my journey took a downward spiral as I slipped and fell in the muddy puddle at the start of the driveway. After wiping off my lens, I made my way to this house. It…

Everything Under Wraps Mansion

Untouched Mansion in Ontario

This location was a bit of a mystery. Inside, the furnishings had been wrapped up with tarps as if painting were taking place. The front entrance showed signs of water damage. This location has more of a lived-in feeling than of being abandoned. None the less, it was a fascinating property to urban explore. Video

$3.2 Million Ontario Real Estate


Just to be clear, this property isn’t abandoned. It’s for sale. And yes, we urban explored it 🙂 The house features a three car garage, four bedrooms, loft above the garage. The dining room has oak paneling, oak doors, wainscoting and a custom oak staircase. The entrance just to the right of the garage opens…

Beautiful Colonial Mansion in Ontario

Ontario colonial mansion

As we approached this location, I did the customary drive by to scope it out. We parked down the street and I walked in alone first, so it would be less conspicuous. I went around back and found an open door. Once inside I texted my partner to come on in. The kitchen has a…

The Ontario Abandoned $6 Million Doctor’s Mansion


This property was once owned by Doctor Frank Van Bork. Frank and his wife Elisa came to Canada from Holland during the 1950’s. They settled down in Southern Ontario and started a family of three children. Frank ran a successful business that sold specialty lighting. His wife, Elisa, assisted him with the business which operated…

Desert Oasis Abandoned Ontario House

Desert Oasis Abandoned Ontario House

A vacant house in Southern Ontario with a mural of a desert scene painted in the dining room. There’s a large sun room in the back that overlooks the backyard in-ground pool. There’s no vandalism here, just some signs that the property may be used as an occasional drinking site. Video