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Burnt Fire Mansion Midland Ontario

burned mansion

This location was shared with me by a member of my website named Outlawkid. I didn’t find it on my own 🙂 We drove up to the Midland area to explore it. The front of the property showed clear damage. The front walls of the upper floors had been torn away possibly by the bulldozer…

Abandoned Ontario Mansion of Murals

mural mansion

This fascinating house in Ontario has been vacant for many years now. It’s not clear why it won’t sell, despite being on the market for some time now. The realtor won’t give any details as to the circumstances of the house being put up for sale. Entry to this house was tricky but we managed…

Abandoned Markham Ontario Mansion

TalkingWallsPhotography OntarioAbandonedPlaces

Motleykiwi and I were driving the GTA area when we passed this gorgeous abandoned mansion. At the time there were workers on the property and they’d just started demolition. We waited a short while until 5 pm when the workers left for the day. The baseboard and door trim has been removed which I think was…

Randwood Estate – Niagara On The Lake

Vineyard Mansion

The Randwood Estate is a 3-plus acre historical estate in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It features a home originally built in 1825. The land was part of a 160-acre tract granted to Peter Russell in 1796. Russell was receiver general and a member of the executive council of Upper Canada. In 2016, developer Benny Marotta purchased the property along…

Abandoned Grow Op Mansion | Drug Dealer’s Mansion – King City

Grow Op Mansion Drug Dealers House

The famous grow op mansion in King City where marijuana was grown. The house became a hot spot for urban explorers and the house was trashed….

Abandoned Log Mansion in Brampton Ontario

Abandoned Ontario Log Mansion

Log Mansion Brampton This gorgeous Ontario log mansion is located in Brampton. It’s hidden away from the newer housing community just west of it and the entrance to the property is a long driveway tucked in a nestle of trees. The property is just feet away from a newer subdivision.The history of the log house…

The Abandoned Party Mansion in London, Ontario

London, Ontario party mansion pool

This vacant mansion was located at 1343 Sunningdale Road East in London, Ontario. It was built in 1984 and sat on 1.88 acres of land. It was listed for sale at $1.5 million dollars.  In the back of the property is an indoor pool room with 26 feet high wooden ceiling. There’s a strong cedar…

The Shining Twins Time Capsule House Toronto

blue staircase abandoned mansion Ontario

I came across this lovely retro home while out for a day of exploring in the Toronto area. It wasn’t on my list of places to see but the overgrown driveway and For Sale sign caught my attention.  It’s not abandoned but it’s not lived in and well.. it just has a great retro appearance. A…

Abandoned Ontario $4.5 Million GTA Mansion

Wasted Space Million Dollar Mansion Ontario

This mansion is located in the Greater Toronto Area. It was built around 1985. I named it the “Wasted Space Mansion” because I find that it has too much room and not enough character. You could fill it with furniture and still have too much empty space left over. The mansion was purchased in 1985 for…