The Canadian Westinghouse Company was incorporated on July 9, 1903. Within 10 years the company had expanded their Canadian operations to include offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg. There were over 3,000 employees by 1915.

The production factory was located on Sanford Avenue in Hamilton . Production was primarily air brakes but later included motors, generators, stoves, toasters, transformers, and turbines. In 1917, the company constructed a five-storey head office building across the street from the factory. A bridge connected the two buildings.

The head office featured large, arched windows and decorative keystones and cornices were key elements in the building’s design.

By 1957 there were 13 manufacturing locations, nine service shops and 18 sales offices across Canada. By 1955, the Hamilton location had 11,000 employees.

The corporate diviosn moved downtown in 1983 while remaining Westinghouse staff moved out of the building by 1987.

In 2001, the City of Hamilton took possession of the building due to tax arrears. Repairs were estimated to be $5,000,000 and so the property was put up for sale as surplus. It was purchased in 2003 for $200,000. Today the building has been renovated and is home to new businesses including an architectural firm.

The plant was located at 286 Sanford Avenue North, Hamilton.